A tribute to “Grey Cat”

Some of you know, some of you don’t… we lost Grey Cat this past summer (Spinal stroke).  He was just one of the dogs, coolest cat we have ever known.  He helped Jet raise 2 litters of puppies.  He was “one of the pack” and you had better not try to tell him otherwise. 

His story is unbelievable, too long to post here. When you see one of us, ask us, it will bring a tear to your eye and fill your heart with warmth.  Animals are amazing, if we pay attention you won’t believe what you can see.

Not only did Grey Cat help Jet with her litters, he liked to keep tabs on their progress.  You would see him supervising drill work, doing his part providing distractions in the honor box and sit/stay work and wishing us the best of luck when loading the truck for training/trials. 

During his down time, he enjoyed sharing a couch, chair or cozy warmth of the fire with us. 

We hope you enjoy the pictures below.  They will always be treasured by us.  Thanks for all you gave us, we will never forget you “Grey Cat”.