2015 Fall Hunt Tests – Great Job!!!

It’s that time of the year to enjoy the the fall colors and have fun participating in the fall hunt tests.

Congratulations to the following teams who participated in fall hunt tests:  Cathy (Piper), Dorothy (Maggie), Kim (Jet and Harper), Marilyn (Flash),   Mary (Sprite), and Teri (Cajun and Ziti).

Big Congratulations to Marilyn (Flash) and Cathy (Piper).  They earned their Junter Hunter Titles!!!

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Junior Hunter: 

  • Cathy (Piper)    ====> Junior Hunter Title
  • Marilyn (Flash) ====> Junior Hunter Title

Senior Hunter:

  • Kim (Harper)

Master Hunter:

  • Kim (Jet)
  • Teri (Cajun)

Congratulations to ALL!